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Wood Therapist
Abby Mortimer

My name is Abby Mortimer, and I am a highly skilled Wood Therapist specialising in Colombian Wood Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, and Post Operative Care. With extensive training in Colombian techniques and a recent certification in Dr Vodder Lymphatic Drainage through massage schools of Queensland, I am committed to delivering exceptional care to my clients.

Having personally battled cellulite from a young age, I developed a comprehensive approach to treatment culminating in the creation of the NuVue protocol.

Additionally, I was diagnosed with lipoedema, a genetic condition, in 2023, an experience that has further shaped my approach to client care.

I am dedicated to providing personalised treatments and cultivating meaningful connections with my clients, always striving to contribute to their health and wellness goals. I am passionate about empowering individuals to feel their best and look forward to the opportunity to partner with you on your journey to improved well-being.

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